Licensed Massage Therapist | Certified Health Coach

"I love Sarah’s work!!! She is experienced, sensitive and knowledgeable. Her hands are strong and compassionate. I have had many massages by many practitioners. She’s my favorite by far. Frees and restores me."  -CF

"Sarah understands my back pain problems and brings me continued comfort."  -WB

"Sarah is amazing. She is a very talented massage therapist and all-round wonderful human being. In addition to knowing all about therapeutic massage techniques, anatomy and musculature, she is well-versed in health, diet, essential oils, pilates, yoga, dance, and more. She is also someone who is kind and caring, and really works to help you achieve what is optimal for you."  -KW

"I have been seeing Sarah on a monthly basis, for over 10 years. There have also been times when I needed more than my monthly visit and she has always been there to accommodate my needs, and in a timely fashion. Sarah is a really talented Massage Therapist. Her combination of deep tissue and warm stone massage keeps my body in balance. Sarah is also a warm and caring person and in tune with her clients and their needs. If you are feeling chatty she will accommodate you; If you just want to relax, not talk, and just enjoy the experience she is fine with that also. When you book a service with Sarah, you can expect Royal Treatment!"  -RB

"I value my time with Sarah because she is skilled in locating the source of any discomfort I may be experiencing and carefully working it out.  She is knowledgeable, genuine, and caring, and her services are of great benefit to my health and well being."   -BB

"I really like Sarah's energy. Being on the table in Sarah's room receiving energy work is one of the most peaceful experiences I have. I am able to deeply relax because I know she will find the problem and smooth it out and oftentimes make it go away all together. Sarah is very intuitive and her hands often seem to go exactly where I am focussing on. Sometimes I feel like she is reading my mind. My experience is usually so deep that often it takes a bit of time before I realize how much better I feel. "   -MH





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